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Floor Plan Bedroom

October 23rd, 2011 › by Emanuel March › Category: Bedroom

Italian Bedroom Concept Designs

Italian Bedroom Concept Designs

Creating a bedroom floor plan is very important for the planned course because the bedroom is the most private areas in our homes. Just like the dining room and living room, bedroom was a long time also appears as a structured space. The bedroom is the conventional area, in the sense that almost no change, only used as a place to sleep. This article will discuss more about the bedroom floor plan.


Luxurious Bedroom Interior

Luxurious Bedroom Interior

Luxury Bedroom Architecture

Luxury Bedroom Architecture

New Bedroom Concept Designs

New Bedroom Concept Designs

Simple Bedroom for Art Designs

Simple Bedroom for Art Designs

As the times, the bedroom is not only used as a place to sleep. Structured so that the change into new forms of traditional patterns and standards. The bedroom is currently used also as a place to learn, spend leisure time, and even doubles as a workspace. Therefore, we should plan bedrooms floor plan.

Function that increases to form bedroom floor plan designs and diverse as well. In terms of design and floor plan bedroom, now no longer the standard it once was. Trends in the bedroom floor plan is currently developing the bedroom it can be a personal reflection of its inhabitants.

There are a variety of concepts bedroom floor plan designs and the current trends, such as design and modern bedroom floor plan, floor plan bedroom ethnic, contemporary, young and minimalist style.

Associated with the concept plan bedroom, emerging ideas will be used for what bedroom activity implies what will be done in the bedroom. Is the limited space to sleep? Do include other functions such as space to change clothes, bathe, to spend leisure time, and work? This will reflect the uniqueness of the occupants of the bedroom itself.

There are several things to consider when it will design and create a plan bedroom. Planning a bedroom floor plan is not only limited to large and small room there, but it will be used as what your bedroom.

The size of the space must be able to accommodate all the needs of its inhabitants. In addition to the bedroom size, zoning factor also helps. The bedroom can be grouped into two zones, namely the semi-private and private space. Zoning covers semiprivate workspace, reading area, an area to watch and sebaginya if in the room has access to a semiprivate room. While the private zone covers an area of ​​dressing, bathing, storage, and sleep.

Plan design and floor plan lay out priority bedroom. Lay out the arrangement in the bedroom can be started from a position as an access door and out the window and position of the space.

Flow motion is simple, linear and centered very commonly used. Including the lay out is the setting bed and the laying of other furniture such as cabinets, dressers, shoe racks, bookshelves, desk lamps and so on.

Plan Bedroom – Bedroom Comfort

  • Make your bedroom as a place to rest and sleep soundly. It is recommended to move the computer in the work room to room so you will not remember while all the office work.
  • Exempt from the bedroom noise electronic toy.
  • Bedrooms should be clean and fragrant.
  • Use air filters to keep the air in the room is always in good condition.

Bedroom Floor Plan – Modern Bedroom Design

The designs are quite popular for modern bedroom floor plan is the bathroom. Floor plan bedroom bathroom to put the past away from the bedroom for all residents. Have a bathroom in the bedroom, making its inhabitants have a private room without interruption by other residents.

For walls, modern rooms to choose wall colors that tend to light, such as beige and white color gray. The colors are strong enough be used as accents only, so the bedroom into the living. On the wall can also be added to the wall cover and installation of border ornaments that make the walls more beautiful.

Design and implement a modern bedroom floor plan is the maximum aperture, such as the use of windows high and despite large in-room there is air conditioning. The main materials are not only windows and doors from wood, but also aluminum. The use of glass for window and door leaf can apply the glass with stickers, sandblast, frosted glass, milk glass and stained glass.

Plan Bedroom – Bedroom Design Art and Antiques

Thing that stood out from the design and layout of this ethnic bedroom is the selection of materials, furniture that uses antiques and unique. Such as using wood carving-poster bed and on top of it covered with cloth netting, carved wardrobe is big and wide.

On the bedroom wall, and some ethnic created textured wall surface is not flat or corrugated, so that the effect is like using a wall cover. Installation of natural stone on the part of the wall also becomes unique to ethnic bedroom, for example, the wall adjacent to the window.

Ethnic-bedroom floor plan also requires lighting as well as the modern bedroom. As an example using a hanging lamp, floor lamp on the dresser, the kerosene lamp in the corner. Arrangement of light in the bedroom ethnic and antique not only install general lighting in the ceiling, but can also install accent lighting.

Minimalist Bedroom Floor Plan

How do I create a design and minimalist bedroom floor plan? The question that often arises in designing and building plans is how minimalist bedroom with goods that are considered important in the minimalist room.

As we know, minimalist rooms are usually not too much store because it’s the size of the narrow room. Could we design and create a minimalist bedroom floor plan as a workspace?

To design and create a plan of our bedroom into the workspace may have to think carefully because these rooms will have two different functions, namely as a resting place at the same place of work. To make the bedroom a minimalist workspace, we do not need to spend all the items in the room. Choose what items are considered essential to support the work activities in the room.

The layout is also very berperngaruh goods to the design and minimalist bedroom floor plan. Typically, rooms are used as work space needed goods, such as small cabinets, computer desks, bookcases ditempeldi walls, and others. Ideally, the location of the computer desk or work table adjacent to the shelf of books (still in one area) so it is easy to reach. As this is a picture about the design and minimalist bedroom floor plan that serves as a workspace.

Meanwhile, hanging shelves for storing books can also function as a place to store souvenirs, accessories, and artwork (picture frames, dolls, clocks). Another thing that is needed in designing and building a minimalist bedroom floor plan as working space is not too much to keep electronic items because it will cause the temperature of the hot room. In addition, the circulation of air in the room would be better so that it will create room freshness.